Boycott Firefox, Switch to Brave, my browser had Bittorrent support 16 years ago

In 2005, Elinks browser had built-in Torrent support.
In 2021, Firefox still does not have built-in Torrent support.
In 2021, Brave has built-in Torrent support.

Why Firefox has not focussed on decentralisation and uncensorability for the last 16 years?

Maybe because they work for their grand masters (Google and other GAFAMs) who want power, and don't want decentralization?

In 2021, it's our mission to rebuild the protocols of the Internet and ditch HTTP once for good, a protocol for the slaves that have to obey and suffer the TOS of their grand neo-feudalists masters.
In 2021, #boycottfirefox and switch to Brave.
In 2021, Pieter was right again, thank you for Zeromq and Bitcoin.