Brussels Airlines Is Loosing Customers With A Buggy Website

I was trying to book a flight with the Brussels Airlines website, but unfortunately, they do not use standards of the web, so they are loosing customers:

For example, flash apparently is creating an overlay layer where you cannot choose the day you want to travel:


When I tried to find out where to complain about this bug on their website, I did not found any email address to write to. They had a webform to send an email, but no functionality to attach a picture. So I sent an email to moc.senilriaslessurb|ofni#moc.senilriaslessurb|ofni and moc.senilriaslessurb|retsambew#moc.senilriaslessurb|retsambew. Let's see how long they take to solve the bug.

Furthermore, their frontpage does not seem to be very W3C compliant (120 Errors, 47 warning(s)).